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Using the RabbitMQ Message Store

Synapse configuration

Configuring parameters that provide information related to keystores and truststores can be optional based on your broker configuration.

For example, if fail_if_no_peer_cert is set to false in the RabbitMQ broker configuration, then you only need to specify <parameter name="rabbitmq.connection.ssl.enabled" locked="false">true</parameter> . Additionally, you can also set <parameter name="rabbitmq.connection.ssl.version" locked="false">true</parameter> parameter to specify the SSL version. If fail_if_no_peer_cert is set to true , you need to provide keystore and truststore information.

Following is a sample broker configuration where fail_if_no_peer_cert is set to false :

{ssl_options, [{cacertfile,"/path/to/testca/cacert.pem"},