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Transaction Mediator

A transaction is a set of operations executed as a single unit. It also can be defined as an agreement, which is carried out between separate entities or objects. The Transaction Mediator is used to manage distributed transactions in the Micro Integrator by providing transaction functionality for its child mediators.


In addition to distributed transactions, the Micro Integrator also supports Java Message Service (JMS) transactions. For more information on transactions, see Working with Transactions.


<transaction action="commit|fault-if-no-tx|new|rollback|use-existing-or-new"/>


The Action parameter is used to select a transaction action to be performed. Available values are as follows.

Action Description
Commit Transaction (commit) This marks the transaction as completed and ends the transaction.
Fault if no Transaction (fault-if-no-tx) This goes to the error handler if there is no transaction.
Initiate new Transaction (new) This provides the entry point for a new transaction.
Rollback Transaction (rollback This rolls back a transaction.
Use existing or Initiate Transaction (use-existing-or new) If a transaction already exists, this value continues it. If no transaction already exists, a new transaction will be created.