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About this Release

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (EI) version 7.1.0 is the latest release of the WSO2 EI, which provides a powerful solution for integrating systems.


If you are already using a previous version of WSO2 EI and you want to migrate to this release, see the instructions in the migration guide.

What's new in this release?

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is continuously improving in every new release. Listed below are the new features and improvements that are introduced with the EI 7.1.0 release.

New in the Micro Integrator

The following features and improvements are available for the Micro Integrator runtime of EI 7.1.0:

New in WSO2 Integration Studio

The following features and improvements are available for WSO2 Integration Studio EI 7.1.0:

Revamped Connectors functionality with improved user experience:

  • Redesigned connector configuration view.
  • New externalizable connection configuration view for connectors.

Improved capabilities to support CI/CD with WSO2 Micro Integrator:


For more information, read about the integration project and the Docker project.

  • Create the integration solution as a Maven Multi Module project.
  • Embedded maven support to easily build and push projects.
  • Maven profiles allowing you to build individual integration modules.
  • Import/export maven project (integration project).
  • Import/export projects with/without copying to the workspace.
  • Import existing modules into maven multi module project (integration project).
  • Build and push Docker exporter using maven.
  • Push images to a remote repository via the Docker exporter.
  • Encrypt secrets in Docker/Kubernetes modules of the integration project by using the Cipher Tool.

Improvements to the embedded Micro Integrator (MI):

  • WSO2 MI 1.2.0 as the embedded server runtime.
  • Hot deployment capability for the embedded MI.
  • Configure the embedded Micro Integrator via WSO2 Integration Studio.
  • Run and Debug synapse configurations with MI 1.2.0.
  • View deployed services using the Runtime Services view.
  • View and monitor deployed artifacts using the embedded WSO2 EI Monitoring Dashboard.

Improvements to the Synapse Unit testing framework:

  • Run detailed analysis of unit test failures.
  • Test synapse templates.
  • Use HTTP status code and HTTP version assertion.
  • Use JSON and text payload assertion for sequence testing.

Improvements to artifact development:

WSO2 Integration Studio customizations (RPC):

  • New WSO2 Integration Studio theme.
  • New 'Getting Started' experience.
  • New update notification functionality.

New in the Streaming Integrator

The following features and improvements are available for the Streaming Integrator of EI 7.1.0:

Compare this release with previous ESBs

Given below is a comparison of the Micro Integrator of EI 7.1 and the previous WSO2 ESB runtimes. Note that the Micro Integrator of EI 7.1 is the latest, most improved version of the WSO2 ESB runtime.

If you are migrating from a previous ESB, this comparison will help you understand the important changes in the Micro Integrator that will impact your migration.


The following comparison is applicable to the following versions of the WSO2 ESB runtime:

Feature comparison

The following table explains the availability of the most critical features in the ESB runtime and Micro Integrator runtime of EI 7.1.0. In addition to the following list, the Micro Integrator runtime also contains new and improved features listed above.

WSO2 ESB Runtime Micro Integrator Runtime
Startup Time 40s 5s
Distribution Size ~600 MB ~150 MB
Product configuration model XML-based configurations TOML-based configurations
Mediation (ESB) Features Available Available
Data Integration Features Available Available
Task Coordination Hazelcast based RDBMS based
Tooling WSO2 Integration Studio WSO2 Integration Studio
Runtime monitoring and management Managemement Console Micro Integrator Dashboard
Micro Integrator CLI
CAR Deployment Available Available
Registry RDBMS-based Registry File system based Registry
Hot deployment Available Available

Features removed

The following features, which are available in ESB runtimes, are removed from the Micro Integrator of EI 7.1 because they are not frequently used.

Feature Description Alternative
Management Console WSO2 Integration Studio is the recommended tool for developing integration solutions. The monitoring capabilities available in the management console (of the ESB profile) are available through the new Micro Integrator dashboard. Micro Integrator Dashboard
Multitenancy This is not a widely used feature in the ESB profile. Multitenancy does not suit the world of microservices or micro integrations. -
Svn based Dep-sync This is not a widely used feature in the ESB profile, and is not recommended for use. Third-party offering like rsync
RDBMS-based Registry - File system based Registry
Rule Mediator The rule mediator has been removed from EI 7.1.0 as it is not widely used. -
HL7 Message Store In previous ESBs, an HL7 Message Store could be configured using the custom message store implementation. Due to limited capabilities and tight coupling with the Hl7 console (which was previously available in the management console), this functionality is not available in EI 7.x. -

Mediators and artifacts removed (After ESB 5.0.0)

The following mediators and artifacts are removed from the ESB runtime in all versions after ESB 5.0.0. If you are migrating from ESB 5.0.0 to the Micro Integrator of EI 7.1.0, note that these artifacts are no longer supported.

  • Priority Executors
  • Enqueue Mediator
  • Bean Mediator
  • POJO Command Mediator
  • Spring Mediator
  • Conditional Router Mediator
  • In, Out Mediators
  • Event Mediator
  • In memory Topics
  • Router Mediator
  • Publish Event Mediator

Known issues