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Packaging Synapse artifacts

To package Synapse artifacts, you need to create a Composite Application Project. Use one of the following methods:

Using an existing composite application

If you have an already created composite appliction project, do the following to package the Synapse artifacts into the composite application:

  1. Select the pom.xml file that is under the composite application project in the project explorer.
    Create CAPP
  2. In the Dependencies section, select the artifacts from each of the projects.


    If you have created a custom mediator artifact, it should be packaged in the same composite application along with the other artifacts that uses the mediator.

    Create CAPP

  3. Save the artifacts.

Creating a new composite application

If you have not previously created a composite application project, do the following to package the artifacts in your ESB Config project.

  1. Open the Getting Started view and click Miscellaneous → Create New Composite Application .
    Create new CAPP
  2. In the New Composite Application Project dialog that opens, select the artifacts from the relevant ESB projects and click Finish .
    Create new CAPP


  1. Right-click the project explorer and click New -> Project .
    Create new CAPP
  2. In the New Project dialog that opens, select Composite Application Project from the list and click Next .
    Create new CAPP
  3. Give a name for the Composite Application project and select the artifacts that you want to package.
    Create new CAPP
  4. In the Composite Application Project POM Editor that opens, under Dependencies , note the information for each of the projects you selected earlier.
    Create new CAPP