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Micro Integrator Dashboard

The Micro Integrator dashboard provides a graphical view of the synapse artifacts that are deployed in a specified Micro Integrator server instance. This dashboard is an alternative to the Micro Integrator CLI, which allows you to monitor your deployments from the command line.

The dashboard as well as the CLI communicates with the management API of WSO2 Micro Integrator to function. Therefore, be sure to enable the Management API in the server before using the management dashboard or the CLI.

Enable the Management API

To use the management dashboard, you need to enable the management API when you start your WSO2 Micro Integrator instance. Pass the following system property:


Note that the default address is https://localhost and the port is 9164.

  • When you run the Micro Integrator on Docker, start your Docker container by passing the enableManagementApi system property:

    docker run -p 8290:8290 -p 9164:9164 -e JAVA_OPTS="-DenableManagementApi=true" <Docker_Image_Name>
  • When you run the Micro Integrator on a VM, use the following command to enable the enableManagementApi system property:

    sh -DenableManagementApi
  • The Management API is enabled for the embedded Micro Integrator in WSO2 Integration Studio by default.

Install and run the dashboard


In a non-production environment (with the self signed certificate), you have to add the certificate of the micro integrator instance to the browser as a trusted source. For example, direct the browser to https://localhost:9164/management and add the site as trusted. This step will not be required with a custom production certificate.

  1. To download the dashboard, go to WSO2 Micro Integrator website -> Download -> Other Resources, and click Monitoring Dashboard.
  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file. This will be the MI_DASHBOARD_HOME directory.
  3. Open a terminal, navigate to the MI_DASHBOARD_HOME/bin directory, and execute the following command to start the dashboard server:

    The dashboard server will start as follows.

    Web app 'dashboard' is available at '
  4. Log in to the dashboard using the following:
  5. Enter your credentials to log in:

    login form for monitoring dashboard

    After a successful login, you will be redirected to the home page from where you can browse the deployed artifacts in the micro integrator server instance.

    login form for monitoring dashboard

Configure dashboard security (Optional)

By default, the management api of the Micro Integrator is shipped with a CORS configuration that allows all origins. This configuration can be found in the internal-apis.xml file (stored in the MI-HOME/conf/) as shown below.

If required, you can remove the wild card and add a specific origin for this configuration for security requirements.

As management dashboard is utilizing the management api, the user store is bound to the said api. Therefore, if you want to add a new user to view the management dashboard, you have to add a new user to the userstore defined in the internal-apis.xml (stored in the MI_HOME/comf directory).