Micro Integrator Dashboard

The Micro Integrator dashboard provides a graphical view of the synapse artifacts that are deployed in a specified Micro Integrator server instance. You can also perform various management and administration tasks using the dashboard. The dashboard (as well as the Micro Integrator CLI) communicates with the management API of WSO2 Micro Integrator to function.

You can use the dashboard to perform the following administration tasks related to your Micro Integrator deployment:

  • View deployed artifacts

    View details of the artifacts deployed in a Micro Integrator instance.

  • Update deployed artifacts

    You can activate/deactivate the following artifacts from the dashboard: Proxy Services, Endpoints, and Message Processors.

    You can enable/disable tracing and statistics for the following artifacts: Proxy Services, Endpoints, and Message Processors.

  • View and update logs

    You can view the log files generated for the Micro Integrator, download the log files, and also update loggers and log levels.

  • Manage users

    You can view details of users stored in the external user store. If you are logged in to the dashboard with administrator credentials, you can also add new users, and remove users from the user store.

You can refer to the following video to get a quick understanding of how this is done.

Setting up the Dashboard

  • See the following topics in the installation guide for instructions on how to install and set up the Micro Integrator and the Dashboard:

    Using the Installer Download and run the product installer and then follow the instructions to start the Micro Integrator and the dashboard.
    Using the Binary Download the binary distribution of the product, and then follow the instructions to start the Micro Integrator and the dashabord.

  • Set up the Micro Integrator user store.


    Note the following about your user store configurations.

    • The user credentials for signing in to the dashboard should be stored in your user store. This can be the default file-based user store or an external LDAP/RDBMS user store.
    • User management is possible only if you have an RDBMS or LDAP user store for your Micro Integrator.
    • If you have an external RDBMS user store, be sure that the RDBMS driver is correctly added to the <MI_HOME>/lib folder. Without the driver, you will not be able to sign in.

Signing in to the Dashboard

Once you have set up and started the dashboard, you can access the dashboard URL.

Before you begin

Be sure to start the Micro Integrator server before attempting to sign in to the dashboard.

  1. Copy the following dashboard URL to your browser:

  2. Enter the following details to sign in.

    login form for monitoring dashboard

    Host The host name for the running Micro Integrator instance. The default hostname is localhost.
    Port The port exposing the management API of your running Micro Integrator instance. The default HTTPS port is 9164.
    User The user name to sign in.

    Note: This should be a valid user name that is saved in the Micro Integrator server's user store. See configuring user stores for information.
    Password The password of the user name.


    • In a non-production environment (with the self-signed certificate), you have to add the certificate of the micro integrator instance to the browser as a trusted source. For example, direct the browser to https://localhost:9164/management and add the site as trusted. This step will not be required with a custom production certificate.
    • We have identified issues with the Microsoft Edge browser, which prompts trusting the management URL (with the self-signed certificate) in a loop. Please try trusting the management URL in the same tab if you face this issue. If the issue still persists, consider switching the browser.
  3. Click SIGN IN.

You are redirected to the home page of the Micro Integrator dashboard.

Using the Dashboard

Once you sign in to the dashboard, you can view details of artifacts, update artifact, and perform various other administration tasks. Select the required option from the left-hand navigator.