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Message Sampling Processor Properties


The message sampling processor consumes messages in a message store and sends them to a configured sequence. This process happens at a preconfigured interval. This message processor does not ensure reliable messaging.


See the topics given below for the list of properties that can be configured for a Message Sampling Processor.

Required Properties

Following are the required parameters you can set when adding a Scheduled Message Forwarding Processor:

Property Description
Message Processor Type Select Message Sampling Processor from the list of values.
Message Processor Name Give a name for the message processor artifact.
Message Store Select a pre-defined Message Store artifact from the available list.
Processor State ( ) Activate (true) or Deactivate (false). Activated by default.

Optional Properties

Following are the additional parameters you can set when adding a message sampling processor:

Parameter Name


Quartz Configuration File Path ( quartz.conf )

Quartz configuration file path. This properties file contains the Quartz configuration parameters for fine tuning the Quartz engine. More details of the configuration can be found at .

Cron Expression ( cronExpression )

Cron expression to be used to configure the retry pattern