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Configuring Kafka


Please note that the contents on this page are under review!

In order to use the kafka inbound endpoint, you need to download and install Apache Kafka. The recommended version is kafka_2.9.2-

To configure the kafka inbound endpoint, copy the following client libraries from the KAFKA_HOME/libs directory to the MI_HOME/lib directory. - kafka_2.9.2- - scala-library-2.9.2.jar - zkclient-0.3.jar - zookeeper-3.3.4.jar - metrics-core-2.2.0.jar


  • If you are using kafka_2.x.x- or later, you also need to add the kafka-clients-0.8.x.x.jar file to the MI_HOME/lib directory.
  • If you are using a newer version of ZooKeeper, follow the steps below:

    1. Create a directory named conf inside the MI_HOME/repository directory.
    2. Create a directory named identity inside the MI_HOME/repository/conf directory.
    3. Add the jaas.conf file to the MI_HOME/repository/conf/identity directory. This is required because Kerberos authentication is enforced on newer versions of ZooKeeper.

To start the Kafka server:

  • Navigate to <KAFKA_HOME> and run the following command to start the ZooKeeper server:

    bin/ config/
  • Run the following command to start the Kafka server

    bin/ config/