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Using a Remote Micro Integrator

The light-weight Micro Integrator is already included in your WSO2 Integration Studio package, which allows you to deploy and run the artifacts instantly.

The following instructions can be used to run your artifacts in a remote Micro Integrator instance.

Deploy and run artifacts in a remote instance

  1. Download and install the Micro Integrator server and on your computer.
  2. Export your packaged artifacts from WSO2 Integration Studio.
  3. Copy the exported CAR file to the <MI_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/carbonapps/ folder where is the root folder of your Micro Integrator installation.

However, when your solutions are ready to be moved to your production environments, it is recommended to use a CICD pipeline.

Redeploy artifacts in a remote instance

Hot deployment is enabled in the Micro Integrator by default. This allows you to redeploy artifacts without restarting the server. You can simply copy a new export of the packaged artifacts (CAR file) to the deployment directory (<MI_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/carbonapps/ folder).

Note that if you have applied changes to the server configurations and libraries, the server will restart.