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Setting up the Redis Environment

The Redis connector allows you to access the Redis commands through the WSO2 EI. Redis stands for remote dictionary server. Redis store/server that stores data as key-value pairs and this key-value store can be used as a database.

Setting up the environment

Before you start configuring the Redis connector, you need WSO2 EI.Download WSO2 EI and extract the zip file to a known location. In this setup guide we refer to that location as .

To configure the Redis connector, download the following client libraries from the given locations and copy to the <PRODUCT_HOME>/lib directory.

Setting up the Redis server

  1. Download the Redis server and follow the steps given in this page to install this in your local machine.
  2. After setting up the Redis Server, navigate to the location you installed Redis and execute the sudo make install command.
  3. Enter redis-server command to start the Redis server.
  4. In the command line, you can see the Redis port and PID as shown below.

Redis server

  1. You can interact with Redis using the built-in client. In the command line, navigate to the location you installed Redis. Enter redis-cli.

Redis Client