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Kubernetes Deployment


Provides native support for the Kubernetes Ecosystem with WSO2 Micro Integrator. The k8s-ei-operator allows you to deploy your integration solutions as an Integration kind into the Kubernetes environment built on top of WSO2 Integration Studio.


The k8s-ei-operator is built with operator-sdk v0.7.0 and supported in the following environment.

Kubernetes cluster and client v1.11+

Install k8s-ei-operator

Please do the following steps (one time) to configure the Kubernetes environment in your server/machine.

  1. Clone the k8s-ei-operator GitHub repository.
    git clone
  2. Change directory to k8s-ei-operator.
    cd k8s-ei-operator
  3. Setup Service Account.
    kubectl create -f deploy/service_account.yaml
  4. Setup RBAC.
    kubectl create -f deploy/role.yaml
    kubectl create -f deploy/role_binding.yaml
  5. Deploy CustomResourceDefinition into the Kubernetes cluster to understand custom resource type.
    kubectl create -f deploy/crds/integration_v1alpha1_integration_crd.yaml
  6. Deploy the k8s-ei-operator.
    kubectl create -f deploy/operator.yaml

Deploy Kubernetes Cluster

  • Run the following command to deploy the kubernetes_cr.yaml configuration file (stored in the / directory), which is generated by the Kubernetes Exporter Project.
    kubectl apply -f path/to/kubernetes_cr.yaml

Run the Solution

  • Port forward to expose the cluster port:
    kubectl port-forward service/<deployment-name>-service 8290:8290
  • Invoke the service/API using curl.