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Managing log growth

See the following content on managing the growth of Carbon logs and Audit logs :

Managing the growth of Carbon logs

Log growth in Carbon logs can be managed by the following configurations in the MI_HOME/conf/ file.

  • Configurable log rotation: By default, log rotation is on a daily basis.
  • Log rotation based on time as opposed to size: This helps to inspect the events that occurred during a specific time.
  • Log files are archived to maximise the use of space.

The log4j2-based logging mechanism uses appenders to append all the log messages into a file. That is, at the end of the log rotation period, a new file will be created with the appended logs and archived. The name of the archived log file will always contain the date on which the file is archived.

Limiting the size of Carbon log files

You can limit the size of the MI_HOME/repository/logs/wso2carbon.log file by following the steps given below. This is useful if you want to archive the logs and get backups periodically.

Configure the following two properties for CARBON_LOGFILE appender:

  • appender.CARBON_LOGFILE.policies.size.size=10MB
  • appender.CARBON_LOGFILE.strategy.max = 20


If the size of the log file is exceeding the value defined in the appender.CARBON_LOGFILE.policies.size.size property, the content is copied to a backup file and the logs are continued to be added to a new empty log file. The appender.CARBON_LOGFILE.strategy.max property makes the Log4j2 maintain a maximum number of backup files for the logs.

Limiting the size of audit log files

In WSO2 servers, audit logs are enabled by default. We can limit the audit log files with the following configuration:

Add the following two properties for AUDIT_LOGFILE:

  • appender.AUDIT_LOGFILE.policies.size.size=10MB
  • appender.AUDIT_LOGFILE.strategy.max=20