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Google PubSub Connector Overview

The Google Pub/Sub connector allows you to access the Google Cloud Pub/Sub API Version v1 through WSO2 EI. Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications.

The Google Pub/Sub Connector allows developers to make asynchronous messaging flows inside WSO2 EI mediation. It facilitates to achieve the following use-cases.

  1. One-to-many messaging. WSO2 EI can place a message in a topic and many other parties can consume it.
  2. Distributing event notifications - WSO2 EI can send events to Google Pub Sub and interested event listeners will get triggered.
  3. Streaming sensor data to Google cloud using WSO2 EI
  4. Reliability improvement in processing messages. Messages received by WSO2 EI can be sent to Google Pub Sub and later received and processed by an WSO2 EI in a different region.

Inspired from: Google Pub/Sub docs

To see the Google Pub/Sub Connector, navigate to the connector store and search for "pubsub".

Google PubSub Connector Store


Connector Version Supported WSO2 EI version
1.0.2 EI 7.1.0, EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.5.0

For older versions, see the details in the connector store.

Google Pub/Sub Connector documentation

How to contribute

As an open source project, WSO2 extensions welcome contributions from the community.

To contribute to the code for this connector, create a pull request in the following repository.

Check the issue tracker for open issues that interest you. We look forward to receiving your contributions.