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Installing via the Binary

Follow the steps given below to install the WSO2 Streaming Integrator runtime by using the binary distribution of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.

Download and install

Go to the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator product page, click Download, and then click Zip Archive to download the product distribution as a ZIP file.

Extract the download ZIP file to a location on your computer. The streaming-integrator folder inside the extracted ZIP file will be your SI_HOME directory.


Setting the Java_Home: Set up a JDK that is compatible with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and point the java_home variable to your JDK instance.

Running the SI server

Starting the SI server

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the <SI_HOME>/bin/ directory, where <SI_HOME> is the home directory of the distribution you downloaded.

  2. Execute the relevant command:


By default, the HTTP listener port is 8290 and the default HTTPS listener port is 8253.

Stopping the SI server

To stop the Streaming Integrator runtime, press Ctrl+C in the command window.

What's Next?

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed WSO2 Streaming Integrator, you can proceed to do any of the following:

- If you were previously using WSO2 Stream Processor and want to migrate to WSO2 Streaming Integrator, follow the instructions in Migrating from WSO2 Stream Processor.

- To deploy WSO2 Streaming Integrator as a single-node deployment or a cluster (based on your requirements), see Deploying Streaming Integrator.

- To set up WSO2 Streaming Integrator and make it ready to run in a production environment, see the Production Checklist.