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Extend the Streaming Integrator

The Streaming Integrator is by default shipped with most of the available Siddhi extensions by default. If a Siddhi extension you require is not shipped by default, you can download and install it.

In this scenario, let's assume that the laboratories require the siddhi-execution-extrema extension to carry out more advanced calculations for different types of time windows. To download and install it, follow the procedure below:

  1. Open the Siddhi Extensions page. The available Siddhi extensions are displayed as follows. Extensions Home Page

  2. Search for the siddhi-execution-extrema extension. Searched Extension

  3. Click on the V4.1.1 for this scenario. As a result, the following page opens. Extrema Extension Page

  4. To download the extension, click Download Extension. Then enter your email address in the dialog box that appears, and click Submit. As a result, a JAR fil is downloaded to a location in your machine (the location depends on your browser settings).

  5. To install the siddhi-execution-extrema extension in your Streaming Integrator, place the JAR file you downloaded in the <SI_HOME>/lib directory.

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