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Connectors are a means of interacting with various SaaS applications on the cloud, databases, and popular B2B protocols. See Connectors Overview for more information.

The following are of documented connectors available from the connector store. Click the link of the connector to view the documentation for each connector.

SaaS Connectors

Connector Description
Salesforce REST The connector uses the Salesforce REST API to interact with Salesforce.
Amazon S3 The AmazonS3 Connector allows you to access the REST API of Amazon Storage Service S3, which lets you store your information and retrieve them back when needed.
Amazon SQS This connector enables you to perform CRUD operations for queues in Amazon SQS instance, update permissions and can work with messages through the Amazon SQS API.
Gmail The Gmail Connector allows you to integrate with the Gmail REST API through WSO2 EI.
Google Firebase Google Firebase Connector is useful for integrating Google Firebase with other enterprise applications, on-premise or cloud using the Google Firebase API.
Microsoft Azure Storage The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) Connector allows you to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web API through WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.
ServiceNow Using ServiceNow connector you can work with Aggregate API, Import Set API and Table API in ServiceNow.

Technology Connectors

Connector Description
File The File Connector uses the Apache Commons VFS I/O functionalities to execute operations related to the file system and allows you to easily manipulate files based on your requirement.
DB Event Listener DB Event Inbound Endpoint is the DB event listener for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator. You can configure it with any popular Database systems such as `MySQL` and `Oracle` etc.
Kafka Producer This connector enables you to send messages to a Kafka broker via Kafka topics. This uses the Producer API.
Kafka Inbound Endpoint The Kafka inbound endpoint of WSO2 EI acts as a message consumer. It creates a connection to ZooKeeper and requests messages for either a topic/s or topic filters.
LDAP The LDAP connector allows you to connect to any LDAP server through a simple web services interface and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on LDAP entries.
ISO8583 The ISO8583 message format is used for financial transactions such as ATM, POS, Credit Card, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, KIOSK, e-commerce, etc.
ISO8583 Inbound Endpoint The ISO8583 inbound endpoint supported via the WSO2 EI is a listening inbound endpoint that can consume ISO8583 standard messages.
FHIR This connector uses the HAPI FHIR APIs to connect with a Test Server, which is an open source server licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0 (Java-based implementation of the FHIR specification).