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Calculating the Number of Distinct Events without a Siddhi Window


This application demonstrates how to calculate the number of distinct events based on a specific relative error. Returns erroneous values if is is used with a Siddhi window.


  1. Copy {WSO2SIHome}/samples/artifacts/ApproximateComputingSample/Test-approximate-distinctCountEver.json file to {WSO2_SI_Home}/wso2/editor/deployment/simulation-configs
  2. Copy {WSO2SIHome}/samples/artifacts/ApproximateComputingSample/approximate-distinctCountEver.csv file to {WSO2_SI_Home}/wso2/editor/deployment/csv-files.

Executing the Sample:

  1. Start the Siddhi application by clicking on 'Run'
  2. If the Siddhi application starts successfully, the following messages would be shown on the console
    • approximate-distinctCountEver-sample.siddhi - Started Successfully!.

Testing the Sample:

  1. Click on 'Event Simulator' (double arrows on left tab)
  2. Click 'Feed Simulation'
  3. Select Test-approximate-distinctCountEver under 'Active Feed Simulations'
  4. Click on the start button (Arrow symbol) next to the simulator

Viewing the Results:

See the output on the console.

@App:description('Calculate the number of distinct events without a Siddhi window.')
define stream requestStream (ip string);

define stream OutputStream(distinctCountEver long, distinctCountEverLowerBound long, distinctCountEverUpperBound long);

@info(name = 'query')
from requestStream#approximate:distinctCountEver(ip)
select distinctCountEver, distinctCountEverLowerBound, distinctCountEverUpperBound
insert into OutputStream;