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Getting SI Running with MI in Five Minutes

This quick start guide explains how to trigger an integration flow using a message received by the Streaming Integrator.

In this example, the same message you send to the Micro Integrator goes through the inSeq defined, and uses the respond mediator (to be changed with a grpcResponseMediator) to send back the response to the Streaming integrator.

Before you begin:

  • Download and install both the Streaming Integrator and the Streaming Integrator Tooling from here.

  • Download and install both the the Micro Integrator from here.

  • Start the Streaming Integrator Tooling by issuing one of the following commands from the <SI_HOME>/bin directory:

    • For Windows: server.bat
    • For Linux: ./
  • Start the Streaming Integrator by issuing one of the following commands from the <SI_TOOLING_HOME>/bin directory:

    • For Windows: tooling.bat
    • For Linux: ./

To create and deploy Siddhi application that triggers an integration flow, and then try it out by sending events, follow the procedure below:

  1. Access Streaming Integrator Tooling via the URL printed in the start up logs.


    The default URL is http://localhost:9390/editor.

    The Streaming Integrator Tooling opens as follows.

    Streaming Integrator Tooling Welcome Page

  2. Open a new Siddhi file by clicking New. Then copy and paste the following Siddhi application to it.

    @App:description("This siddhi app triggers integration flow from SI to MI")
    @source(type='http', receiver.url='http://localhost:8006/inputstream', @map(type = 'json'))
    define stream InputStream (message String, headers string);
    @sink(type='grpc-call', publisher.url = 'grpc://localhost:8888/org.wso2.grpc.EventService/process/inSeq', '1', headers='{{headers}}', @map(type='json'))
    define stream FooStream (message String, headers string);
    @source(type='grpc-call-response', '1', @map(type='json'))
    define stream BarStream (message String, headers string);
    define stream OutputStream (message String, headers string);
    from InputStream
    select *
    insert into FooStream;
    from BarStream
    select *
    insert into OutputStream
  3. Save the Siddhi application.

  4. Click the Deploy menu option and then click Deploy to Server. The Deploy Siddhi Apps to Server dialog box opens as shown in the example below.

    Deploy to Server dialog box

    1. In the Add New Server section, enter information as follows:

      Field Value
      Host Your host
      Port 9443
      User Name admin
      Password admin

      Add New Server

      Then click Add.

    2. Select the check boxes for the grpc-call-response.siddhi Siddhi application and the server you added as shown below.

      Deploy Siddhi Apps to Server

    3. Click Deploy.

      When the Siddhi application is successfully deployed, the following message appears in the Deploy Siddhi Apps to Server dialog box.

      Deployment Status

    As a result, the grpc-call-response.siddhi Siddhi application is saved in the <SI_HOME>/wso2/server/deployment/siddhi-files directory.

  5. Deploy the required artifacts in the Micro Integrator as follows:

    1. Save the following GRPC inbound endpoint as rpcInboundEndpoint.xml in the <MI_Home>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/inbound-endpoints directory. You can name the file g.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <inboundEndpoint xmlns="" name="GrpcInboundEndpoint" sequence="inSeq" onError="fault" protocol="grpc" suspend="false"> <parameters> <parameter name="inbound.grpc.port">8888</parameter> </parameters> </inboundEndpoint>

    2. Save the following sequence that includes a respond mediator in the <MI_Home>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/sequences directory. You can name the file InSeq.xml.

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <sequence xmlns="" name="inSeq">
             <log level="full"/>
  6. Issue the following CURL command to send an event to the Streaming Integrator. This is received via the http source configured in the grpc-call-response Siddhi application, and it triggers an integration flow with the Micro Integrator.

    curl -X POST -d "{\"event\":{\"message\":\"http_curl\",\"headers\":\"'Content-Type:json'\"}}" http://localhost:8006/inputstream --header "Content-Type:application/json" */

    The following response is logged in the console in which you are running the SI server.

        INFO {} - HelloMi : OutputStream : Event{timestamp=1573188022317, data=[http_curl, 'Content-Type:json'], isExpired=false}