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Run WSO2 Micro Integrator on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system for automating, scaling, and managing your application deployments. To run your Micro Integrator solutions on Kubernetes, you need to first create an immutable docker image with the required synapse artifacts, configurations, and third-party dependencies by using the base Docker image of WSO2 Micro Integrator. You can then use the immutable Docker image to create pods and to configure the kubernetes deployments according to your requirements.

Let's create a Kubernetes project for an integration solution and run it on a Kubernetes cluster. You will use WSO2 Integration Studio and the base Docker image of the Micro Integrator for this process.

  1. Create a proxy service with the following configuration, and package it in a composite application.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <proxy name="HelloWorld" startOnLoad="true" transports="http https" xmlns="">
                <payloadFactory media-type="json">
  2. Now, we can create a kubernetes project for your solution. The Docker image is now pushed to the docker repository.

  3. Now, we can deploy the created kubernetes project to a kubernetes cluster you have created. You can follow the guide on kubernetes deployment.