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Deploy and run the integration

You can deploy the artifacts and run it in the embedded Micro Integrator, or a remote instance of the Micro Integrator.

Using the embedded Micro Integrator

You can test artifacts by deploying the packaged artifacts in the built-in Micro Integrator:

  1. Be sure to create a composite application project and include your artifacts.
  2. Right-click the composite application project and click Export Project Artifacts and Run .
    Create docker image
  3. In the dialog that opens, select the artifacts form the composite application project that you want to deploy.
    Create docker image
  4. Click Finish . The artifacts will be deployed in the WSO2 Micro Integrator and the server will start. See the startup log in the Console tab:
    Create docker image
  5. If you find errors in your mediation sequence, use the debugging features to troubleshoot.

Using a remote Micro Integrator

The light-weight Micro Integrator is already included in your WSO2 Integration Studio package, which allows you to deploy and run the artifacts instantly.

However, when your solutions are ready to be moved to your production environments, it is recommended to use a CICD pipeline. Alternatively, you can export your packaged artifacts and deploy the CAR file in the MI_HOME/repository/deployment/server/carbonapps/ directory, where MI_HOME is the root folder of your Micro Integrator installation.

Redeploy artifacts

Once you have build and run your integration artifacts in the Micro Integrator, you can later redeploy modified artifacts:

  1. Go to the Servers tab and select the running Micro Integrator instance.
  2. Right-click and click Add/Deploy.
  3. In the dialog that opens, you can select the new/modified CAR files that you want to deploy in the running server.