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Developing Integration Solutions

The contents on this page will walk you through the topics related to developing integration micro services for the WSO2 Ballerina Integrator.

Development workflow

Integration developers will follow the workflow illustrated by the following diagram.

developer workflow

Step 1: Set up Ballerina Integrator To start developing your integration solutions, you need to first set up Ballerina Integrator:
Step 2: Develop atomic and micro services To implement atomic and micro services, there are a number of Ballerina connectors and Integration connectors. Also, you can start with integration templates available in VS Code. Use the following resources:
  • Tutorials will walk you through the process of developing the most common integration use cases.
  • Examples will provide a quick demo that will help you understand the Ballerina language for implementing specific functions.
Step 3: Build and run the service Docker and Kubernetes supports comes out of the box with the Ballerina language. You can easily build micro service ready to deploy as a container.
Step 4: Observe your service As you build and run the micro services, you may need collecting and visualizing the metrics, collecting and storing logs and tracing transactions.